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Place smaller image in bigger canvas or alter canvas to bigger size

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  • Place smaller image in bigger canvas or alter canvas to bigger size

    I have many Pictures of products (which are all on a white background) that I need to prepare for a website. Many pictures are wide and many are tall. I need to make them all 800x800 without altering the proportion of the product. How can I do this easily in the develop or edit? Maybe even with a batch?

    Until now I have opened each Picture one by one in Photoshop and altered the canvas size and placed the product in the middle, but it takes too much time. It would be great if it was possible in ACDSee where I could have the film strip in the bottom of the developer or edit window and do the job there...

    The function is probably allready there - but haven't found it yet!!

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    Here is one Picture that needs to be in 800x800 pixels...


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      Another one...


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        @Kinovox - Unfortunately, the function you want (a batch Canvas Size tool) does not exist (yet) in ACDSee. Currently, I use ACDSee's Edit > Borders in place of Photoshop's Canvas Size tool, because I find it is a little more convenient for my workflow. But, they are both still one-at-a-time tools that are relatively slow to use. I am lobbying the Developers to implement a true Canvas Size tool with batch mode for the next release of the product. But, for now, it's still one-at-a-time.


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          It can be done in Ultimate 8 but, as LV Bill stated, not in batch mode.

          In Manage Mode select your product image and Copy it. Still in Manage Mode, click File|New|Image. A New Image dialog window appears which you use to set the image width and height to 800 pixels. The dialog also lets you Name the file, set the Bit Depth, and choose the Background to be White, Black, or Transparent. The new image is opened in Edit Mode once you click OK in the New Image dialog window. In the Edit Mode click Edit|Paste (CTRL+V) and the product image will be placed on a new layer above the background. Move the produce image to the center of your background and use one of the four corner squares (maintains aspect ratio) to resize the product image to fit within the 800x800 background.