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What happened to Raw Develop settings?

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  • What happened to Raw Develop settings?

    Transitioning for Pro to Ultimate.
    When I develop a RAW image with Pro 6 I can leave it and when I go back I can adjust the levels from the point at which it was left.
    When I open the same RAW file in Ultimate the image show in it's original adjusted state.
    Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed. I do not want to lose the adjustments I previously made to my RAW files in Pro.

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    @Photogimp - You may have missed the checkbox "Automatically save Develop Mode adjustments" in: Tools > Options > Develop Mode. If that doesn't fix it, post back with more details about exactly what you are doing.


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      Yeah, I got that. Problem is with some of the developed raw files from a previous version. . They show as processed in the tHumbnail but the actual image has lost its development settings.


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        @Photogimp - I can tell you that there are no known bugs involving a problem with Ult8 handling images originally developed in Pro6 (at least none that I have ever heard of). Just to be certain, I tested a batch of very old Developed images -- first with Pro6, and then with Ult8. No problems.

        Your description makes it sound like the file structure of your Developed images may have become damaged. Did you by any chance do any folder moving? You know the old problem of moving images with software other than ACDSee? If you still have your Pro6 running, take a look at some of your problem images with Pro6 and see what you find. Just a guess, but I'll bet Pro6 will see the same problem you're now seeing in Ult8. Check it out and post back.


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          Thanks for troubleshooting with me. I did check many times and many (not all) of the images developed in Pro 6 are not behaving like they are developed when viewed in U8. The thumbnail looks like the developed image but does not have the icon indicating it was developed and in all ways behaves like the original RAW image. Anything developed in U8 behaves perfectly normally.
          Some thoughts: I optimized the database before importing into U8 including Rebuilding thumbnails and metadata. Could that have done anything?
          I have not invested much time in U8. Should I delete the data file and re-import from Pro 6 again?


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            It sounds to me like this is an issue with your image files themselves, and not the database. Is your Ult8 software viewing the same images as your Pro6 in the same location? Or, is Ult8 running on a different PC with a copy of your images? Did you test the 'problem' images with Pro6?

            Develop settings becoming 'lost', indicates that your XMP files are not where they should be, along with your images. Remember, that your Develop settings are actually stored in a separate file -- with the file type of XMP and same file name as the image file. It is a common user mistake to misplace XMP files by moving their image files using software other than ACDSee (e.g. Windows Explorer). What you are describing sounds exactly like this is what has happened to you -- the XMP files have somehow become separated from their associated images.

            It is most important for you to view some of these problem images with Pro6. If the same loss of Develop settings shows up in Pro6, then you will have narrowed down the problem to a file move.


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              More light in the darkness.... I deleted the U8 install and installed Pro8. No problem. All developed RAW images show development settings and can be further adjusted in Develop mode. I think that ansers most if not all LV_Bill's suspects (thanks for that effort).
              Now the question begs - why not in U8? [email protected] a puzzle, huh?


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                Yes, quite odd. All I can think of is that something may have gone wrong with your original Ult8 install. You see, Pro8 and Ult8 are literally the same product. Only in Pro8, Layers and transparency support have been removed. Everything else is the same -- Develop Mode is identical. Maybe someday you'll get curious and try Ult8 again.