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    In the Search pane, allow "Filename" to be one of the file properties that can be searched on using at least the following tests (as per searching on Exif User Comment):

    - is
    - is not
    - is any of
    - contains
    - starts with


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      Yes, I think the search functionality isn't at all intuitive. I've been using ACDSee for a little over 3 years now, and I STILL have to stop and think and figure out how to search for an image.I'm looking for, and it usually takes 3-4 tries, and even then I usually return far more 'hits' than than I am able to deal with.

      What I'd like to see is a 'search builder' with a drop down set of keywords and a drop down list of other search criteria such as folder names, file descriptors and calendar criteria. If I recall, I think it was Microsoft Outlook that had a nice 'rule builder' for auto handling messages that would make a great model for a search builder.

      Whenever I talk to people about ACDSee, the obtuseness of the search method seems to be a major stumbling block for many people.
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        Originally posted by msg_moi View Post
        One of the must top ten feature for the next release is photo threatening

        It is the ability to connect the camera to the PC using USB or wifi and as you shoot picture are display and adjust on the fly for review. If you do studio there is no reason in 2015/16 not to have this feature. Once you taste it you no longer want to use card to transfer photo
        I think you mean "tethering"?


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          Originally posted by Aimhere View Post

          I think you mean "tethering"?
          Yeap..:-) done the correction


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            I'd like it if when I'm working on a mask in an adjustment layer, the brush/erase worked the same as when I'm using the brush adjustments (right clicking erases)

            Also, I see there's something about importing layers. I'd like to be able to save or export them. Or be able to go back to develop, then edit adjustment layers.

            And make it so if I go to Develop mode to Edit mode, it autosaves my Develop settings so if I cancel my edits, it doesn't lose what I'd done in Develop
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