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ACDSee Pro 8 and Pro 8 Ultimate Bug List

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  • ACDSee Pro 8 and Pro 8 Ultimate Bug List


    Developed photo not always saved correctly

    Occasionally developed jpegs are not saved with all the changes and adjustments made in the Developed Mode.

    Specifically, if after modifying an image in the Develop Mode and the Tune tab is not selected when the image is saved, sometimes the tune adjustments are not applied to the saved image. The Tune tab settings are however saved in the xmp sidecar file. Opening the image again in Develop Mode, making a minor adjust, and the re-saving, but this time with the Tune tab selected, will save the image correctly with all the adjustments applied.

    I do not know if this is a problem when developing RAW files.


    Automatic name resolving function numbers the files incorrectly

    When resolving name conflicts during a batch rename, ACDSee Pro adds an underscore and a number to the file names in conflict. Currently, the first file in the list (as sorted by the user) is assigned the number “_2”, the second file “_3”, and so on, and the last file is given the number “_1”. The first file should be given the number “_1”, the second “_2” and so on.


    Metadata not always displayed in the Properties Pane

    Occasionally my photo metadata is not displayed in the Properties pane. Sometimes all the data is missing and sometimes just some of it. When this happens I select the affected image(s) in the Manage view and use the menu item Tools/Metadata/Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata. That pulls the data out of the files and into ACDSee most of the time. If it doesn’t, then I have to repeat the Rebuild task.


    Text appearing outside the Slideshow footer text box

    If the footer text ends with a space, either by choice because it might look better, or because of an empty Metadata tag, part of the footer text is displayed outside the background box during a slideshow. Also, the Slideshow background color picker does not display the actual custom color values for Hue, Sat, Lum etc. The Slideshow header also has these problems. The footer in the View Mode works fine. I haven't tested the header and footer in the Screensaver option.


    Manage Mode Compare Image Error Message

    Where the Date/Time Original is earlier than 1970 and Compare Images is used, an error message is displayed.

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    I upgraded from pro 6 to 8 due an upgrade from Canon 650D to 70D (and pro 6 doesnt' support raw format for the 70D). However... i can't get ACDSee Pro 8 to download pictures from my camera. It freezes and then i have to restart it. Have to use the Canon EOS Utility atm to get them download to my computer. have reinstalled and also followed the advice from the support team to do a clean re install and all that tada.. still does the same thing


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      What operating system? Win 7/8/10 ? What else is running at the time? How much ram do you have? Can you describe your computer system in general? Especially what it's like when you encounter the problem?

      I don't know of anyone else having this problem, so I tend to think it is specific to your system. I'm afraid tracking this down will require some effort on your part.