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Do you need an extra label color?

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  • Do you need an extra label color?

    If you need an extra label color, type White (or any text that's not already an ACDSee label color) into the ACDSee Metadata Label field, and click apply.

    I have no idea how compatible this is with other applications, but if its use is only until the next or final color is used, it shouldn't be a problem.

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    VERY interesting Tip! Thanks


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      All labels are saved as text. The colour symbols are assigned to the texts in the labels group dialogue (click the gear-wheel). On my German version of AC all colour labels have German colour names assigned. If AC finds a text that is not assigned to any colour symbol it shows a white symbol instead. But you can have several colour label groups - one for each language. You can also assign any text to any of the five colours.

      So the texts do not follow any standard at all. I also wonder why AC shows a symbol above the image (when hovering it) and additionally a line under the image. I'd prefer a symbol that's always visible and no line at all to save some space.