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Weird Feature in Properties - Organize Tab

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  • Weird Feature in Properties - Organize Tab

    - Open properties - organize tab in ACu9
    - Collapse categories, keywords and collections areas
    - Open categories -> OK
    - Open keywords -> categories collapses
    - Open collections -> categories and collections stay open
    - Open categories -> categories and keywords are open, collections collapses
    - Open Collections -> guess what: all three at last are open!

    Try other combinations. You will notice that opening the keywords area always closes the categories and collections areas. Interesting feature.

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    If you right click on the Property pane you have three options for how that pane displays the information. Choosing "Expand all groups" seems to make the most sense for me. The options "Collapse all groups" and "Auto-Collapse groups" creates the behavior you wrote about.


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      Exactly this feature doesn't work. At least not on my system.
      - Expanding the categories area does collapse collections, but not keywords
      - Expanding the collections area does not collapse keywords or categories
      - Only expanding the keywords area does collapse categories and collections