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Very slow to scan folder and no permanent caching, not even in the catalog

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    Originally posted by StephaneB View Post

    Thank Jerry. All is fine. It is probably a little glitch in ACDSee scan code. I'm perfectly ahppy to convert those files to PSD. We're talking of files that are from 400GB to more than 1GB sometimes.

    As I said, once in PSD format, all is fine.

    I agree PSP cannot compete. That once great software has been trashed by Corel.


    You should be getting the same performance with TIFF or JPG files as you are with PSD files, I know I am. Plus, I would think TIFF is a more universal format...
    I'd try reinstalling it and wiping out ACD Systems from the registry (if you know how to do that, otherwise be careful).



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      Jerry, I tried it all. It has been acknowledged as a problem by ACDSee.

      The problematic files are huge. Generally they are high resolution scans grom medium format (we're talking things like 8000x8000 pixels) with 10 or 15 layers on top, all in 16 bits. Or D800 RAW files as smart object with 3 or 4 smart filters make of Nik plugins with a few layers on top.

      I did the reinstall, I even confirmed the problem on a fresh Windows install.

      My PC configuration is solid: i5-6500, 16GB RAM, SSD C drive, pics are on a hybrid drive, Radeon HD 7850 graphics card.

      And no, the TIFF Adobe uses to store layers has nothing universal about it. It creates as many compatibility problems with the other programs as the PSD format. More, actually, because by now the PSD format is pretty well understood.