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Multiple users on one account - privacy questions

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  • Multiple users on one account - privacy questions

    We are thinking about using this program in shop, but also allowing some of our employees to use this program at home. We have a main account, and then have people registering with their own emails.
    My question is - if an employee downloads this program at home and then uploads a bunch of photos to it, can the users from the other account see those images?
    Also, how would you make it so that you CAN share files, on, say, the server so that while we're at work we can all metatag images as needed and search for them from every computer.

    Thank you for your help!!! I'm not that great at figuring this stuff out!

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    To my knowledge, ACDSee does not have the ability to network the database from multiple users.

    This being a user to user forum, it may not an adequate place for you to get these questions answered though. We users all deal pretty much with the consumer level licenses that individuals might buy. I suggest contacting the the marketing department at ACDSee. They might have special services and licensing for corporate users. (I'm not saying they DO have those things, just that they MIGHT).

    I believe the link below will get you started on getting your questions regarding your specific needs answered.