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  • Date/Time Original Altered by Paste Metadata

    I'm using ACDSee Pro 8, and I'd like to know if the below is happening in ACDSee Pro/Ultimate 9 - can someone test it and let me know? Thanks.

    In Manage mode, if you right-click on an image, select Metadata / Copy... (leave the default copy selections), and then right-click another image and select Metadata / Paste, you might notice that the EXIF Date/Time Original value changes in the target image. It will change if the IPTC data field Date Created contains a value.

    The EXIF Date/Time Original field is probably one of the most important data values in a photo, and I think it being altered in this way is incorrect.

    Note: The IPTC Date Created can be set manually, or by making a change to the EXIF Date/Time Original. Once IPTC Date Created has a value, ACDSee adjusts these IPTC and EXIF data fields together to keep them in sync.

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    I'm still using version Pro7 and it seems to work fine here. I changed the IPTC data with XnView, because I didn't found a way to change the date with ACDSee. The EXIF date/time is still there after copying the metadata.


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      Doesn't overwrite DTO in Ult 9.


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        Thank you for the responses.

        I'll move to 9 when it’s a little more robust (i.e. less buggy).


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          I've just tested copying IPTC metadata from one image to another in ACDSee Ultimate 9, and it does indeed change the EXIF Date/Time Original of the target image to the IPTC Date Created of the source file.

          To see the result immediately after doing the copy, select the target file and run the function: Tools / Metadata / Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata.

          I think this is a serious problem.


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            Hi Robert,

            I might confuse you more than help you. I discovered the missing IPTC data a few days ago and was flipping out. I figured it was getting wiped out when I used a quick little utility called Faststone Capture. Sometimes I use that just to look at a pic real quick and I'm not going to do any editing.

            The IPTC data is still there!!! We owe this discovery to a Windows Explorer replacement program that I use and dearly love. It has it's own external viewer for images, music, movies, etc. I was looking into trying to restore my pics from an old backup and was using this program to view all my pic folders. When I pulled up a folder that I knew was a problem, the external viewer displayed all the IPTC data!!! I was so relieved to discover the IPTC info is indeed still there. ACDsee just doesn't display it. I downloaded a trial version of Lightroom just to confirm it. Best I can tell, all of it is still there. But I have about 6,000 pics, so I can't be sure there is no IPTC data that is gone.

            My IPTC data isn't gone because of any of the things you suspect, because I haven't done any of those things. So what is the culprit???

            In my case there are two possible causes. I installed a trial version of Ultimate 9 and used it for about a month. Didn't do any editing, just feeling my way around and I didn't care for it. But I browsed and pulled up several images.
            Then I uninstalled that and bought ACD Pro 8. I've not done any editing or even cataloged yet. But again, I did lots of browsing and pulled up several pics. I have probably about 200-250, maybe more images that have NO IPTC DATA displayed in Pro 8. I even reinstalled ACD Pro 2.5 to see if it had the problem too. Same issue - it displays no IPTC data.

            So best I can tell, if you just OPEN a photo in ACDsee Ultimate 9 or Pro 8, it zaps the IPTC data from ACDSee. I wish I knew which version caused the problem - or if both of them have the bug.

            Truthfully, I haven't cared nearly as much for ACDsee since Pro 5. I still like Pro 2.5 better. ACDSee has added many features, but it's such a resource hog with the last few years versions.
            But I have so much time and effort spent in using the ACD categories and ratings, I don't want to change to a different photo manager and lose all of that.

            Don't laugh - but I've kept Pro 2.5 on my PC - Windows 10 64bit - and it runs error free most of the time. I plunked down some bucks for Pro 8, and eventually I'm sure I'll have to migrate my ACD metadata to PRO 8. I'll be calling on you guys when I decide to take the plunge.

            I hope we can pinpoint the problem program(s) very soon. Meanwhile, I'm not going to be using Pro 8.


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              Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
              ACDsee just doesn't display it [all the IPTC data].
              Sometimes you need to force ACDSee Pro/Ultimate to pull in the IPTC data from the image file. Select the images that are not showing all the IPTC data, then from the menu run: Tools / Metadata / Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata. The IPTC data should now be displayed. For some files you might have to re-run the utility.

              I found that ACDSee Pro 7 would randomly deleting IPTC keywords when adding new keywords, but this was fixed in ACDSee Pro/Ultimate 8, and still appears to be good in version 9. For me, ACDSee Pro/Ultimate 8 is more stable that 9, and also has less bugs in the parts of it that I use i.e. Develop Mode, Manage Mode, and View. I read on this forum that an update to version 9 will be coming soon.

              The IPTC data that is lost when exporting a developed image, is the data that has been added after the development process was started, so if no new IPTC data has been added since starting the development process, and the image is batch exported, everything will work fine. Add one new keyword, and then run the batch export, you will see that keyword will be missing from the exported image.
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