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    I was using Ult9 on WIndows7 and installed a fresh copy of Win10 on a new hard drive, as well as a fresh copy of Ult9.

    On Windows7, I had a large catalog that I worked with weekly. Because of this, I made backups often. Before turning on my Windows 10, I also exported my DB to a safe place.

    On Win10, I installed Ult9 and tried to import the previous backup DB. It failed every time. I booted back into Win7, exported again, booted into Win10, and tried to import. Failure.

    Instead of coming on here to look for answers, I grabbed the entire catalog directory within my Win7 hard drive for my old user and copied it into the Win10 hard drive. I opened Ult9 and everything was there. Well, almost everything.

    I have been using Ult9 on Win10 now for a few weeks using the copied catalog directory and I have not seen any real problems / issues / failures. But when I go to Edit, my default actions are not there (see photo attachment). How can I get them back? Though I do not love love the ones that are there, I am not creative enough to come up with my own. So having those at my fingertips was a nice addition that I did use here and then.

    Also, are there any places where we can download other people's actions? I am just not that creative and would love to have some more creative "filters".


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    I suspect the actions are stored in the Windows registry and the Win 10 upgrade somehow deleted them. If you have backed up the registry it might be possible to get them back. But if you aren't the sort of person who backs up the registry on a regular basis, you might be out of luck. When it comes to computers, paranoia is something of a survival skill.

    You might try contacting tech support, they might have some suggestions.


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      Thanks. This is actually a fresh copy of Windows 10. I would not take anything from Windows 7 Reg (or from another hard drive in general) and move it into this new computer without some specific direction from those who know. Might be time to do what you said here and hit up support.



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        That's why they are gone. ACDSee stores EVERYTHING in the registry which is the most asinine thing to do. You'll need to access the old registry and port over the ACDSee settings to get them back.


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          Your actions are stored in a folder like this: C:\Users\tluchin\AppData\Local\ACD Systems\Actions\V10
          There should be some .acda files in there, one for each action. As long as you're running the same version of ACDsee I don't see why copying the .acdc files from your old computer to the new one wouldn't work.