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Batch Resize - I would like photos smaller than both X width and X height

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  • Batch Resize - I would like photos smaller than both X width and X height


    I love the batch edit functionality and use the resize photos component often.. For my site I want photos to be no taller than 1400px, and no wider than 1400px. But the Batch Edit functionality only allows you to specify photos no larger than X width OR X height. Kinda dumb. Especially when automatically adding on thumbnails. On portrait photos, the watermark may be large, and the landscape ones may be small.

    Now I have entertained creating one preset for Portrait and one for Landscape, but that was a hassle and I stopped using it.

    So my question is the following:

    How can I export X number of both landscape and portrait oriented photos, all the the same size watermark, and none of them being taller than 1400px or wider than 1400px?

    Am I just missing something simple?


    ** Please Note: Though my subject mentions "Batch Resize", This post was specifically asking for advice about using Batch Edit -> Resize.
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    Looks like Batch Export may handle resizing a bit better. You can also include actions within the export. That means that once I create an action to add my watermark and copyright that does not look too too bad, this may produce better results than using Batch Edit -> resize. I will post results once I know more.


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      You could try using the batch resize feature. Not the one in the batch editor. In Manage mode, select your images, then on the menu pick Tools->Batch->Resize. The options in there should allow you to do what you want.