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Can I export or save adjustment layers?

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  • Can I export or save adjustment layers?

    I'm finally getting around to using the adjustment layers. Here's my current (flawed) workflow.

    1. Open a raw file in Develop mode, tweak lighting, crop, clone/heal blemishes, etc.
    2. Open in Edit mode, apply skin tuning (overall), apply another layer for more tuning (wrinkles)
    3. Realize I need to do some more clone/heal

    But I can't go back to Develop mode now

    4. Utter some expletives
    5. Go back to step 1 and repeat

    I see you can import layers (not sure what that's about), but can I export them?

    Or I suppose I could just save the Developed image and slap that on another layer. Perhaps I just answered my own question. I still get confused about going back and forth between modes.

    Another part of my flawed workflow is that I was in the Edit mode (after Developing), decided to cancel my changes and go back to Develop, and it canceled those as well. (I have autosave on). Hmpff.
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    You know, you can clone/heal in edit mode too


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      Yes, I know that, but I want to do all my editing non-destructively.


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        Well, in my mind, the layers enabled ACDC file format is the bit mapped equivalent of non destructive editing, and is something I would save as anyway. ACDC is the equivalent of Photoshop's PSD file. Apply your edits to a new layer, save as an ACDC file before flattening and then save as either a flattened tif or jpg.

        Rather than go back and disrupt my workflow, this is how I would work. After all, if you ever revisit the developed raw file, there is no guarantee that the cloning/healing would be required anyway.

        With ACDSee, you can always insert special instructions and reminders in the ACDSee metadata as a reminder of what occurred and any special considerations are needed. I suspect that as you get used to the workflow, this sort of problem will become increasingly less and less common.


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          You're probably right as I was/am just learning to use these features and trying to figure out a good workflow. I was planning to save the ACDC file, but until I wrote up my question, didn't realize I could just replace the image with the developed raw one. I was wanting to simply click on Develop and go back and forth.


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            Hi jodzee, yes, there is a limitation that you can't jump back and forth between Develop and Edit modes. You have to go Develop->Edit. I should note that this isn't a design decision that we made at ACD, it's the way it has to work. Think of Develop mode as just setting up instructions for how an image should be displayed. Edit mode on the other hand will actually modify the pixels in your image. You want to Develop first, especially with raw images.

            One thing you could try is using ACDsee actions to record what you do in edit mode. Then if you want to go back and re-develop your image you could just replay the action to reapply all the edit mode work you had done.


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              Thanks Tony. I thought of actions, but one of the things I'm doing is masking (wrinkles). Not sure if it makes sense to do an action for that. I'll play around with it some more to figure out what works best for my workflow.

              One thing I did notice though was when going from Develop directly to Edit, it doesn't save the Develop changes even though I have it set to automatic. So when I thought I was just canceling the edits, it canceled everything I'd done in Develop as well. I'll remember now to make sure I save manually, but since I have it set to automatic, it's easy to forget!


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                @jodzee & Tony - Normally, you can't go back and forth between Develop Mode and Edit. However, there times are when I find it necessary to 'tweak' a Developed Raw image that has become Layer 1 in a .ACDC file. And, there is a simple solution. This essentially involves"replacing Layer 1 in a .ACDC file image with a new and modified Layer 1". When you think if it in those terms, it's actually pretty easy to do.

                First off, I shoot all Raw (CR2). So, for every image that I Develop (and later add Layers to), there are always two physical files. (a.) The Developed Raw file, and (b.) the .ACDC file containing both the Developed version as Layer 1, and any additional Layers I have added. If I decide at a later time that I need to tweak the Develop settings in my Layer 1, here's my workflow:

                (1.) Open the Raw file and make the Develop Mode changes.
                (2.) Run File Convert and make a .Tiff version of my updated Raw image.
                (3.) Open the existing .ACDC file in Edit Mode.
                (4.) Click: Layers > Import from File.
                (5.) In the Import dialogue, select the new .Tiff file created in Step 2 (it will become the top layer).
                (6.) Move the new top layer down to just above Layer 1.
                (7.) Verify the new look of the overall image, then Delete the old Layer 1.
                (8.) Rename the new layer to the name "Layer 1".
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