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Troubleshooting with color text with Acdsee Ultimate 10

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  • Troubleshooting with color text with Acdsee Ultimate 10

    Happy new year everybody and users of Acdsee
    I encounter some problems when iI select color for text ( my last presets and also new text ) with Ult 10 . See the capture .
    I have choosen "red color " and on the photo , the text is black .
    I have no problem with Utl 9 , than I kept for the moment .
    What happen ? Do you have a solution to sort out ?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Acdse ultimate 10 b.jpg
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    Robert77 - I tried to recreate your problem, and I could not duplicate your issue of red text turning to grey. Something unusual is going on with your particular installation, or your images. I would immediately refer this problem to ACD Tech Support. Here's their link.


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      I can both recreate and avoid the problem. Actually, I am not sure it is a problem.

      ​If the image is a 16bit grayscale.... then adding text, of any color, the result stays BW.
      (The color buckets aren't available in the initial file)

      ​Now... starting with the same image...
      ​View > Modify > Change Color Depth > 48 bit color.... create a new file...
      The image will still be BW... but it will have the buckets that can acceot color....
      ​Now go back into Edit... with this new file... you should find it works as you were hoping.


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        Here are three files you can use to experiment


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          Thank you for help everybody
          GusPanella is right .
          I check the files of my photos and some of them are 8bits grayscale . These photos are obtained by scan old photos .I didn't check the parameter of my printer sacanner ( Canon MG 8150 ) excepted the size
          I check my collection of old photos obtained by scanning, and some ot them are in grayscale and some of them are in color scale .
          I can modified following the method indicated by GusPannela and add color for text .
          Thank you
          I hope that Adsee team correct that .