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Developing in the Background - What is ACDSee doing?

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    The video shows pretty normal behaviour of AC to me.

    Here's a zip file that shows what's going on. It contains a developed raw file from my old D700. But all JPEGs, embedded in the raw and the side cars, are replaced with different images that show their location. Unpack the zip into a temp folder and open the raw in AC. It most likely will first display an image with the text "embedded jpg", then flip to display the original raw and at last apply the default development settings.

    Do not edit/develop the file and save because this would destroy the side cars.


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      Thank you for the file and the explanation. The whole process on opening happens so fast that I cannot see the "embedded.jpg" message, just a very brief flash of of something on the screen. With regards to my video. I can see the RAW file with all the noise and then it looks like AC corrects the noise with the default develop settings. I don't want that noise corrected automatically, I want to correct it myself.


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        It's taken a while but I've had a reply from the sipport team. They requested I send them a RAW file so they could check if there was a problem. They were able to reproduce the issue I reported and the case has now been sent to QA for further investigation.

        I've asked for further updates so if I hear anything more I'll get back to you.


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          I had another email from support and this is what they say

          "Loading the full, high resolution raw image takes a while, so we load smaller versions first just so you can start working instead of looking at a blank screen.

          We don't do any default noise removal, but do apply some sharpening by default, mostly in an attempt to match the sharpening found in the jpeg version of the image. This can be changed by the user though.

          If you don’t want this you can simply adjust the amount to zero and then use the gear for that section to save it as the new default sharpening"