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Why those photos with right EXIF info been imported into the wrong folder?

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  • Why those photos with right EXIF info been imported into the wrong folder?

    I am running the latest version of ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 10 version 10.3 (build 894) but realize some issues while importing photos.

    I took couple pictures with my iPhone 6 and tried to import them to my local PC. I'd like have those organized in separate folders with name of the taken date. For example, if those photos were taken on Jan. 20, 2016, I'd like them been saved in the folder 2016-01-17.

    I've recently realized some photos were imported to the wrong folder. I am giving example here: I have a couple of photos taken Jan. 28, 2017 but imported to the folder 2017-02-01 rather than 2017-01-28. I have screenshots here. Can anyone let me what would be the issues? THANKS a million!

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    Old thread, I know ..

    It's because the option "Separate folder - by file's date" always uses file modified date. The option "exif date" in the dialogue "Advanced Import Option" only applies to the "ACDSee database date", which is an AC tag in the db.

    I currently don't see an option to use any exif dates (E.g. 'Date/time original' or 'date/time digitized') for folder names.

    @Gurus: Am I missing something?
    Setting up a date format with backslashes in the options also doesn't work - the file renaming feature of the import dialogue will replace backslashes with dashes.
    I never used the ac import feature - now I know why.


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      I use Qimage Ultimate>FlashCard Move/Copy to import files and create folders per date taken. It is also available as seperate app "FlashPipe" from Mike Chaney,


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        I've upgraded it to ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018 11.1 Build 1272 and same issues: while I tried to import photos by files' date, still went to the wrong folder. Why Acdsee cannot provide an option " by Photos' taken date"... Really frustrated....