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Using External Editors after Develop Mode - Not The Results I Was Expecting

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  • Using External Editors after Develop Mode - Not The Results I Was Expecting

    Mistakenly I though that after using the develop module to set things like Sharpening, Noise, Crop etc. the developed file when passed through to an external editor from Manage Mode would reflect the settings I had changed.

    ​For example I used the develop module to change to B+W and crop the photograph of the lady, however when I invoke external editor from manage mode I get my original RAW file in the external editor and not the cropped B+W.

    ​Is there something else I should be doing or is this just the way ACDSEE works?

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    When you use an External Editor, ACDSee just passes a link to the file to the other program. The other program will no nothing about the develop edits you made. To use an external editor using the changes you made, you will need to do an export to another format. I have an export set up to save files to TIFF format in the same folder as the original raw file. I append "-Final" to the filename and then send it to the External Editor.

    It would be good if ACDSee had an option with the External Editors to specify an export to apply before invoking the editor.


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      I came from a Lightroom workflow to ACDSee when I ditched Adobe at the end of last year. Although I have been using Ultimate for a few months now this is the first time I noticed it wasn't actually passing those edits to the external editor. I might have to rethink my workflow here because I seem to be ending up with extra files when I do an export to the external editor and then send it back to Ultimate from the editor.

      ​Thanks for explaining how this works and maybe time to ask for a feature request from ACDSystems


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        The inability to send an image with all ACDSee develop changes applied to another application of your choice without first exporting to another file format and manually open it in that other application is a serious shortcoming of ACDSee Pro and Ultimate. It makes the workflow uncessarily cumbersome and is not fit for professional use! ALL other raw converters that I know offer this feature, even On1 Photo Raw that is competing with ACDSee as one stop application. Since everybody has it, it cannot be that difficult to implement.

        Maybe some marketing guy at ACDSee was paranoid that customers could be lead astray to competing software if that feature was included. The necessity of that feature should be self evident and no feature request should be needed.


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          Does anyone from ACDSystems actually read these forums? Or maybe I should send an email to Adam.....