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Extending the canvas in Ultimate 10

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  • Extending the canvas in Ultimate 10

    I'm struggling to find how to change the base canvas of an image when compositing, which is something I see in tutorial YouTube videos by photographers using PS.
    For instance, I have an portrait-orientation photo that is my original image. I have a background texture I want to bring in, rotate to landscape, and then take the masked-out original image (in it's original orientation, possibly resized) and place it to the left of the landscaped texture. I can't seem to find any way to extend the canvas arbitrarily so that I can compose the work, then crop it back down when I'm done.

    Am I missing something? On a related note, there isn't any more modern web version of the product docs anywhere, is there?

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    Maybe (???) the tip consists in adding a (white ?) straight border as wide as possible, saving the file and if necessary starting again the process (and cropping ?...).

    Alaric (French)
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      Thanks Alaric, but as far as I can tell I cannot paid with the brush or paste an object and have it extend beyond the base canvas.