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License used too often - what?

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  • License used too often - what?

    Recently, I installed my licensed copy of Ultimate8 on my Desktop PC. Upon firing it up, I went through the usual process of entering my genuine license, my ACDSee username and my password. Got the usual popup informing me that the registration had been successfull. So far so good. Since then, I keep getting an annoying popup when I start Ultimate8 for the first time each day, stating this:

    Your license has been used too often. Press Buy to purchase a membership or license key or press Enter License to change your license
    I can dismiss the popup by clicking the Cancel button.

    I see nothing in the license agreement which restricts the number of times I can use my license.
    What's going on here??!!

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    I suspect, if you contact tech support they'll take care of it pretty quickly.


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      Hi MartyPop,

      Based on your email adress registed with this forum, we cannot find your license code to verify.

      So please send us a support ticket as Glen suggested. In the email, please let us know the email address that you used to register or purchase Ultimate 8, and the license code. We will be able to verify your license code.

      James - ACD Customer Care


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        Submitted a support ticket as advised and I've now received a new license code, which has got rid of the annoying popup.

        Thanks everybody for your help, much appreciated


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          I have this same problem, I guess because the license was purchased on my husband's credit card? I also have struggled through two other machines since January, as I am disabled, and living in a remote area. It is always difficult to have to buy a machine without holding it ergonomic requirements are quite specific. I hope this is the one I will keep.


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            Four and a half years later and after installing Ultimate8 on my new PC, I've got exactly the same problem as before ?????


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              What did Support say this time?


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                Originally posted by MartyPop View Post
                Four and a half years later and after installing Ultimate8 on my new PC, I've got exactly the same problem as before ?????
                The licence applies to the installation of the software on one specific computer (or for a multi seat licence, on a specific number of computers). Each installation is activated separately.

                If you change to a new computer, and you want to install the software on the new computer, if there are no spare licence seats left you need to first de-activate the licence for the old computer, which will then make it available for use on the new computer.

                For versions from 2020 on you can do this yourself - see
                For earlier versions you may have to contact


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                  Originally posted by AliGW View Post
                  What did Support say this time?
                  They said I'd made too many installations but having said that, they were kind enough to send me yet another license code.


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                    I just had this problem with my installation of 2018 Pro after a Windows reinstall.

                    I went to the Chat, who told me 2018 is out of support (true) and that my only option was to upgrade to 2023 (false). They did offer a substantial discount.

                    However a message to support quickly resulted in a refreshed licence code for 2018.