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ACDSee is not creating the .jpg file in development mode (under windows 10)

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  • ACDSee is not creating the .jpg file in development mode (under windows 10)

    Hi everybody

    Unfortunately have not found any solution for my problem. I running ACDSee under Windows 10.

    ACDSee is not saving the jpg's in the develop folder ("Entwickelt" in the german language).

    ACDSee ist creating the .xmp file in the source-folder. But not the .jpg file in the develop/Entwickelt folder.

    Have written to the ACDSee support, but unfortunately get no answer for my question.

    Does anybody can help me to solve or have the same problem?

    Thanks a lot


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    I have no idea what you have done right to stop that stupid creation of jpeg's. I went through all the options and the complete online help and didn't find even a mention of the "developed" folders. Incidentally they are hidden folders. I don't see any use in them. Even when I delete all files in these folders, all the changes made in develop mode are still stored in the xmp files, so nothing is lost.

    The jpegs in these folders are original sized jpegs of a lesser quality. JPEGs of 100% quality have at least double the size. I create my jepgs for different needs (print, slideshow on UHD TV, web) via export presets. The automatically created jpegs just sit on your HD, not useful for anything.

    "Können alles, sind aber für nichts zu gebrauchen"

    So, in short, I don't know how to help you, but I envy you your "bug".
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      Thank petfunk

      In previous version i had that problem only sometimes. But since update to Studio Ultimate 2018 it does not create that .jpg files at all.


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        Perhaps a clean install from scratch and building a new database could solve your "problem". I run "Revo Uninstaller" to do that. I would also advise to update Windows to Version 1709. It took me half a day, but my PC runs like new. I know there are risks involved, so back up everything important, but as the saying goes "no risk, no fun".


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          Pefunk, YOU ARE THE BOSS!!!!

          Before I already have de- and reinstalled ACDSee. No success.

          This time I have used Revo Uninstaller, als you proposed.

          AND IT WORKS NOW!

          You are my hero!

          Unfortunately I also don't found an option to automatically save the .jpg's in maximum quality.


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            Go to File (Datei)>Export (or Strg-Alt-E) in manage (Verwalten) or develop mode after selecting a file. There you can define the properties of your export (file type, size, quality, folder, name). When you are happy you can then save the specific selections as presets: e,g, jpeg full size 100%, jpeg FHD, 85%, Tiff 16bit uncompressed, ... and so forth. It does not work automatically, you have to selct your file(s), press Strg-Alt-E, select your preset and click the button "export":
            Click image for larger version

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