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Finding Missing Keywords ?

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  • Finding Missing Keywords ?

    Is there a way to find any images in a collection that have missing (none) keywords?

    When I used to use Lightroom this was easy but I can't find a way of doing so with ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018.

    Thank you

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    At the bottom of the "Catalog" pane in "Manage Mode" you will find a "Special Items" section. There's a "No Keywords" item.

    AC offers two different keyword systems:

    ACDSee keywords:
    - allows a hierarchical structure
    - max length of a single keyword 126 chars
    - Afaik unlimited amount of keywords per item
    - proprietary
    - some chars get converted when cataloguing (e.g. double quotes, angle brackets)

    IPTC keywords within AC
    - in fact written to 'dc:subject'
    - no hierarchical structure
    - max length of a single keyword 255 chars
    - widely used standard

    They both are completely separated and could be used for different purpose. Even the keyword master lists are separated. I presume the AC keywords exist for historical reasons.

    The above mentioned "No keywords" item only is used for AC keywords. It can not be used to find items w/o any iptc keywords.


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      Sure. In Manage Mode, select "Image Well" in "Special Items" section of your catalog (which contains all pictures in your database) and then select "No Keywords" from the "Filter" drop down in the main/thumbnail pane.