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Any way to use a LUT in ACDSee ?

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  • Any way to use a LUT in ACDSee ?

    Just picked up a little program that lets me create a LUT from the hundreds of Lightroom presets I have.

    It works great I can then load them into Affinity Photos to use.

    But I would love to be able to load them into ACDSee as I want to use it as my main photo editor but the LUTS giving my film and other presets are so good for what it brings this is pushing me back to Affinity to edit is just to be able to use the LUTs.

    Is there some way to use LUTs in ACDSee I have not found? or is this something coming soon i hope.?

    I tried to recreate the same color looks using a record action but the color setting do not match at all not even close. Setting the same color setting numbers as in Lightroom and same split tone settings numbers do not match.

    Most all of them are just color sat, Hue and luma, Splittone and curves settings.

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    AC does not support LUTs at all. Afik you can't even export/import the develop preset templates from within AC.


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      +1 on adding LUTS to ACDSee! Presently, I shell out to affinity the same as EddieM.


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        ON1 just annouced another update for their ON1 Photo RAW, due in July. It will fully support LUTs with usual blending, masking, etc. Shall we ever see LUTs in ACDSee?
        What is the name of that little thingy generating LUTs from LR presets? Thanks.
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          Hello Snuffer,

          The next version of ACDSee will support Color LUTs. It actually up & running and in testing now.
          ACDSee 2019 is scheduled for release in September.



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            Thank you Mark! This is really wetting my appetite!


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              Thank you +1


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                Originally posted by mcosgrove View Post
                Hello Snuffer,

                The next version of ACDSee will support Color LUTs. It actually up & running and in testing now.
                ACDSee 2019 is scheduled for release in September.

                Please forgive my ignorance but ,what can I do with colour LUT's ?
                Where would they be useful ?


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                  This may help:


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                    Originally posted by GusPanella View Post
                    Thanks for the interesting link about the LUT's

                    This is my take on what I understood from that link.
                    Please correct me if I something's not quite right here.

                    First I need to mention that I am a photographer, I only takes stills. I hardly ever use video.
                    It seems like these LUT's are probably more useful for video users, but can also be used for stills if desired.

                    You can choose from a selection of predefined LUT's to give a "normal standardised" video or a Photo a particular look or style.

                    I'm assuming that ACDSee will be introducing the "3D" LUT's and not the "1D" LUT's?
                    I guess ACDSee will then have a collection of these LUT's to choose from. It reminds me of using "filters" as available on most smart phones.

                    From an ACDSee point of view I normally use the Develop mode (on Nikon or Olympus RAW images) and sometimes I also use Edit mode, but "Edit" only if something is not possible with the develop mode alone.
                    I'm sort of guessing that these new LUT's would only be possible in Edit mode in ACDSee, but hope that's not so!

                    At the beginning In the linked article there is a lot of effort discussed about how to convert a "log image" into a "linear image" before applying any LUT's, but I think that is only needed for video.
                    (because Stills are already more or less linear, as far as I know.)
                    Then it mentions that you have to make all the usual manual adjustments to the image to correct the original image for white balance and exposure, so that the image is then "normalised".
                    This sounds like the normal sort of work I'd do anyway in develop mode on my Raw images.
                    After the photo has been corrected in this way it represents something like "reality".

                    Now enter the LUT!
                    This will take the corrected/normalised image and give it some particular desired "global" style.
                    I could make this "style" modification myself, by just altering the various sliders for colour and exposure.
                    Maybe the LUT would help me make several different photos, that somehow belong together, look more consistent and "fit" to a particular chosen style?
                    For a video all the various clips could be given the same style, so the video hangs together better, and looks more like a consistent "whole" as it plays.

                    Next part of the process for a photo is to add any local adjustments you desire to any particular PART of the image. e.g. brightening adding contrast to the main subject

                    The article makes the point clearly that just clicking on a LUT (without first doing the manual normalisation processing), would change your photo and would give it a new look, but perhaps not the look you might expect.
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                      I only work with still photos, too. Although I am not certain, it seems to me the primary use for a LUT may be video. I think of it as a filter that is used for many frames.

                      ​To me, from the user perspective, there may not be much difference between an ACDSee preset and a LUT. Both are ways of modifying the color of and image with a preset set of conditions.

                      ​The only difference that I have experienced is that it seems possible a LUT can be used across different software tools and achieve very close to the same results.

                      ​My experience with LUTs so far is most do change the image in significant ways. I have been known to process photos using my typical techniques, then apply a LUT that is a standard adjustment. For example, I have what I consider to be a 1950s LUT. Maybe I did a photog outing to take pictures of automobiles. I clean / process clarify the images such they look good to me. Some of those images I run through my "1950s LUT" that takes advantage of the edits, then adds a bit of 1950s color/resolution/feel/nostalgia/look.

                      ​ I do not have any idea how ACDSee will implement LUTs. I would hope it may be a layer adjustment in edit mode and a "develop tool" that you can turn on-off in the develop mode. I certainly hope the LUT implementation is not linked to ACDSee database or windows registry entry that seems typical with the coding techniques seen to date.