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I want to edit my pictures from 2 different pc's (not at the same time, though)

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  • I want to edit my pictures from 2 different pc's (not at the same time, though)

    My pictures are all on google drive, and replicated in identical file structures to both pc's. So while ACDSee editing works fine on either pc, the database could get easily get confused when a picture with metadata added in one isn't in the other, or file names are changed. In theory, if the DB was also being replicated to both pc's, then it should not be a problem, as long as I wait for replication to finish in both places. Yes? No? Better solution?

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    I like the theory and tried the same with both GoogleDrive and O365. Eventually things got confused.

    ​My guess us the replication happens over an internet connection. The db file reads/writes can happen quite often, combined with the sync time of cloud storage, my guess is things just can't keep up.

    ​For example, my AC database is multiple GB. Image changing the metadata for one file... which in turn changes the database file. This causing cloud storage sync to transfer multiple GB up to the cloud... then back down on another machine. Now multiply this by 100 metadata edits.

    IT does seems database updates really aren't setup to coordinate with the re-sync of cloud storage The root of the issue is edits change a small portion of the database file. But the huge database file is synced as a whole file

    ​I guess you could map a drive letter to not-synced remote cloud storage and try that way... but then you have internet connectivity in the path of the database. To me, this is a recipe to get AC to slow to a crawl.


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      I don't fully understand what meta data you reffering to. Is it EXIF, IPTC, XMP or AC meta data? Handling of theses types vary within AC.


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        I was thinking about whatever information is kept inside that large database file. Without knowing the schema, it definitely seems like any EXIT.IPTC.AC change somehow changes up what is in the large database file. The bottom line would be that anything that changes that large database file would trigger a cloud sync cycle.