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Crash (Nikon D850)

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  • Crash (Nikon D850)

    With the latest update that now supports the Nikon D850 I get a crash when trying to import files from the camera. This only happens when I have the camera attached and try to import from device. It works OK if trying to import the files from disk. Support have advised to un-install and delete all ACDSee products and then re-install. (I've already tried the re-install without the full delete). Before I take such a drastic step I thought I would ask if anyone else has encountered this problem?

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    Originally posted by philipW99 View Post
    Support have advised to un-install and delete all ACDSee products and then re-install.
    That implies that they've no idea.


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      Hello philipW99,

      I could not find your support ticket. You probably use different email address to submit the support ticket. I have created a new support ticket with questions to better understand the issue to further troubleshoot the problem:

      1) What is your Windows OS and the version of your ACDSee ?
      2) When you import from disk, did you use a card reader, or just with the camera attached ?'
      3) With the camera attached, is the camera shown as device in Windows file explorer ?
      4) Do you have any other USB devices --except for standard input device such as mouse and keyboard--, attached when you try to import images directly from your camera ? If that is the case, please disconnect that USB device (e.g. external hard disk, ), and see if that would make any difference.

      James - Customer Care team


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        James, I've eMailed you a response and updated my eMail address here. In answer to your questions:
        1. Windows 10 Pro, latest updates. ACDSee PhotoStudio Ultimate latest version - 11.1 (B:1272)
        2. When importing from disk I didn't have the camera attached.
        3. Yes, Windows explorer shows the camera as a device - D850
        4. The computer (Dell XPS8920) has a media reader and USB ports attached as standard. Nothing is plugged into these ports.

        Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this.