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    I was using the trial of On1 while working with ACDsee as well. I Love on1, but it is so unstable on my device. My wish list for ACDsee is white and black sliders. On1 has the ability to ignore highlights or shadows when applying effects. Does ACDsee do this and I just do not know how? For example, I want to lighten the exposure but ignore the highlights or shadows, or apply a warming filter but ignore the highlights.

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    Another item. I know all programs are different with strength and weakness, but this is part of a wish list with ACDsee. I do a lot of real estate photography. I can normally stay within develop mode for most of my post processing. One thing that would be HUGE for me. In develop BRUSH mode, in addition to be able to adjust exposure etc, would be to adjust white balance. For example, when shooting a room, an adjoining room can often have a different WB because of lighting. To be able to adjust that with a brush in develop mode without having to jump into Edit and save, would be a huge plus for anyone doing real estate/interiors/architecture. This is an unfinished photo - but shows my meaning.


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      I agree that localized masking and adjustments is a weak point of ACDSee in the raw development module (and a strength of ON1). I also found similar issues with usability of ON1 and I attribute this mostly to the fact that raw development is very labor intensive due to the size of the files and I'm working exclusively from a laptop with onboard graphics. With that said, ACDSee has been the only program I've found that does raw development efficiently without any stuttering/lag, and I'm wondering if part of that is because it lacks bells and whistles like intricate color adjustments and localized luminosity masks in raw developer? I find that the best workflow for me is to use Develop with raw files to get a proper exposure with good contrast (no clipping of black/whites), approximate color grading, and then add a baseline of sharpening/noise reduction. From there it's off to the Edit module where I can use masking and pixel targeting to selectively apply adjustments only where needed on the photo.


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        Peggy & bmcnich - I agree with your ideas of expanding the Develop Mode brush capabilities to include: White Balance, Color and Luminosity. Great suggestions.
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