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difference between Ultmate 10 and 2018

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  • difference between Ultmate 10 and 2018

    What are the most important differences between Ultimate 10 and ultimate 2018. ie should I upgrade?

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    I upgraded for smart erase, frequency separation, and liquify. Smart erase is not as good as I had hoped. Is a bit buggy, not as "smart" as I feel it should be, and sometimes cause the program to crash (usually if I try to undo). I'm pretty happy with the frequency separation, but I recognize that it could be improved to allow users to fine tune what frequencies to separate. Even then, though, it works pretty well for retouching skin that really needs something more than skin tuning--especially when skin tune can't detect darker skin tones in more shaded areas. Liquify works as I expected. I really wish ACDsee came with auto align layers for image stacking, but it does not. If you do portraiture at all, then frequency separation and liquify are compelling enough reasons to upgrade. If you focus on landscapes, photojournalism/street, product photography, or really anything not portraiture, then there probably wouldn't be a need to upgrade until they add at least auto align layers. It would also be nice to get tools for automating HDR and focus stacking, but auto-align layers would be the first step.