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  • Ultimate vs Professional versions

    I am not sure that this is the right place for this question, but I do not know where else would be more appropriate.

    I know that there are functional differences between the Ultimate and Professional versions of ACDSee's 2018 products and I wanted to know what they were to see if the Professional version would be as useful to me as the Ultimate. I looked on the ACDSee website at the product comparison, but that does not really tell me what I need to know. Perhaps that is because I do not really know what they mean by terms like "Parametric photo manipulation" as it applies to editing images, so I thought I would ask some basic questions on this forum.

    Ultimate offers layers in the Edit Mode. Does Professional offer the same layers functionality? If so, are all of the layers adjustments that are available in Ultimate also available in Professional?

    What extra functionality exists in Ultimate that is missing from Professional? Is any of it helpful for normal home photo editing?

    I looked for some way to set the Ultimate trial version I have running on my system so that it would run as Professional instead (you can do that with some trial software, for example CaptureOne) but could not find any way to do that. I suppose I could download the Professional version but I do not know if I can run both the Ultimate and Professional versions on the same machine.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    The ultimate version has an extra section called "edit". This section allows for photo manipulation using various tabs and tools and allows the use of layers, a little like Photoshop.

    The pro version does not have this extra edit function, so it is basically a photo develop program only (a little like lightroom)


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      Hi there,
      the "edit"-section is also available in the "Pro"-version, the only difference to "Ultimate" is the missing of layers. So you have to apply all edit function directly in the original/copy and then save it as a new JPG or TIFF.
      Using layers in "Ultimate" gives the chance to save as *acdc-file which allows you to edit later at any time and in any way you want.
      Greetz from Germany


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        Like Uwe said: Ultimate = Pro + layers feature


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          Thank you all for your responses.

          The Edit Mode control with the layers functionality would be central to what I would want to do and since Professional does not have layers it is clear to me that the Professional version would not suit my needs. It might be useful if there was some way to automatically have ACDSee bundle its current adjustments into a tiff to send to an external editor like Photoshop or PaintShop Pro but, since it does not do that, I would need the layers.

          Thanks for saving me the expense of buying the wrong version.


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            My wording was bad, meant no layers, not no edit, sorry


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              Originally posted by jaomul View Post
              My wording was bad, meant no layers, not no edit, sorry
              I understood what you meant, so it is fine. You were talking about the Edit Mode and that means layers.

              Thank you for taking the time to respond to my original post.


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                I recently bought the Pro and should have bought the Ultimate. I discovered this while trying to create a popup. Hopefully, ACDSee runs specials on upgrades.


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                  Hi Missoura,

                  Please send us a support ticket with the order number or the email address for your purchase of Pro 2018; and we can help you to upgrade to the Ultimate 2018.

                  Here is the link to the support form

                  Thanks - James
                  Customer Care Team