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How to manage orphans on mapped network drive?

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  • How to manage orphans on mapped network drive?

    How do I find "orphan" files and folders on a mapped network drive. And of course how do I fix the database in that case? I understand that the DB maintenance tool does not work if your image files live on a network drive.
    Just to clarify: my photos are on a mapped network storage device. The DB however is on the local drive of the PC.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Turn on the external disk before starting the ACD, then go to Database maintenance.


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      Indeed, it's mentioned in the help file that finding "orphan" files and folders does not work on a mapped network drive.

      ..and I agree, that's a very frustrating problem !

      It actually makes the the catalog, the calendar, the photos view, the dashboard and the search function worthless because it is cluttered with images that no longer exist.


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        Are you able to address the network drive as part of the network rather than map it? i.e. //servername/sharename/. If you can you can then have ACDSee include it in your DB. I have my entire photo collection (90K+ images) located on a network attached NAS.


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          Originally posted by philipW99 View Post
          I have my entire photo collection (90K+ images) located on a network attached NAS.
          Jepp, no problem, but AC does not delete orphans for these resources from the DB with database optimization.

          Here's a work around for files that support IPTC:
          1. First let AC display all files you want to check in manage mode (image well, a category, all files of one month, ...)

          2. Find an IPTC field you don't really need (e.g. "originating Program") and fill it with the current date (e.g. "2018-03-09")

          3. Create a smart collection with two filters:
          3a. "Exif - Camera Info - image - software" to "is not" leave value empty
          3b. "IPTC - Status - Originating Program" to "is not" "2018-03-09"

          4. Let AC display the just defined smart collection

          Voila! AC will show orphans only.

          Background: AC can not change IPTC meta data for files that don't exist.
          3a is needed to filter images (AC can catalogue non image files)

          But what to do next? You can't select all (CTRL-A) and press DEL. This won't work. The only method I know is to double click each and every file and tell AC to delete it.

          Hey dev team, this is really annoying! There should be a option (e.g CTRL-DEL) to delete all selected items from db regardless if the file exists or not. It's a tedious job to find the orphans if your unable to delete a big selection just because one of the selected items doesn't exist at all. And if AC refuses to delete a selection because there's an orphan, then a message must be displayed.

          Keep in mind all the above just is needed for images stored on net resources, mapped to a drive letter or not. This is not needed for files stored on local drives.
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            I've just run into the same problem. I have all my photos on a NAS and I need to cleanup all orphans which turns out being a mission impossible.
            It can't be that at times where storing data on a network drive or alike is very common that ACDSee does not offer appropriate means to manage such photos.

            Please an option, checkbox or alike that allows cleaning up orphans also on network devices ... more than happy if you want to let users sign a indemnity waiver for letting us do it but at least let us if we really want to!


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              Unfortunately you cannot remove orphaned files from a network or removable drive. I'll review this with the product team and hopefully a solution can be made available in a future update/release.

              Note, you can remove all db info from a network or removable drive. But again, that will remove ALL the ACDSee database information associated to that drive.



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                thanks for picking this up with the product team. I seen to have more than 1000 orphaned files spread across many different folders (never an entire folder) so any manual approach is not really feasible, i.e. I really need tool support to help me keeping my database in good shape.

                Further while trying different approaches I ran in the issue that on certain orphaned files I get an error when trying to hit view (double-click doesn't do anything) saying "No images were selected for viewing" instead of asking me whether I want to remove the database information for that file which is making it a mission impossible to get rid of such orphans.