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  • Slow transitions between modes

    When I initially installed Ultimate 2018 in December, performance of the program was crisp in moving between modes. Quick enough that I didn't feel like I had to wait. By mid-January or so, performance had dropped way off. Since then, when I select an image in Manage mode and move to View mode, it takes approximately 20 seconds to display View. When moving from either Manage or View modes to develop, it takes about 10 seconds. These lags are really discouraging me from using the software. I have a couple of large batches of images I need to process and wondering whether ACDSee is going to be a product that can handle the job.

    Any suggestions on how to restore the fast performance I thought I had purchased?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    PS Speed of opening the software is not a problem. And when I'm in either View or Develop mode, I can move between images with acceptable speed.


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      Try "database optimization".


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        3m17: Thanks for the suggestion. I just optimized the database (with both options checked). Unfortunately, no speed improvement. Other ideas?


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          A possible trouble shooting option...
          ​Is the delay exactly the same if you are accessing images from local disk vs. any other media (USB disk, network drive, other)?
          If yes, and the database is optimized/clean/orphans removed, my guess is there nothing that will help due to the read/write schedule embedded into the AC code.
          ​If there is different speeds depending on file location, there may be hope.

          ​It may be worth reviewing what may have changed in mid-January. This may add insight into the weaknesses in AC operation. (For instance, look at the installed programs by date, which ones were installed mid-January +/- 1.5 weeks? I wonder if any other disk or registry heavy programs? If yes, maybe this can help convince AC development start to look at some architectural changes that reduce the sensitivity to such things..

          CRAZY interaction:
          ​I had the SSD reader in my laptop go bad. As it turned out, the same time this happened, AC would lock up if I inserted a USB stick. I did not connect the two until after the SSD reader was replaced, drivers were updated, and AC started functioning as designed again. Thus, I would also suggest updating USB and other system drivers, just in case. (To me this is a looonnngggg shot, but there is nothing to loose.)

          Side note: There are indications the read/write schedule in AC (images, database schema, registry, all/some combined) is somewhat sensitive in that the design/architecture. Personally, ​I've been lucky and have not fallen prey to the architecture. Others, not so much. ​In my case, to avoid the issues, I avoid the temptation to use specialized AC feature like catalog and AC-specific keywords,. (Of note, one of the reason I do not use LR is related to the same issue with cataloging) (although, I am a heavy network user.)


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            Did you use Database Maintenance too?


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              Edvard: Thanks for the suggestion. I took a look at Database Maintenance. I just found one folder with the "orphaned folder" icon, selected it and clicked "Remove Orphan Folders." The application restarted. Then I ran database optimization again. And again the app restarted. Unfortunately, no speed improvement.

              For all of the other folders containing images that I have intentionally included in the database, I assume I shouldn't "Remove Thumbnails" or "Remove All DB Info." Let me know if I'm misinterpreting or you have other suggestions on Database Maintenance.


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                GusPanella: Thanks for your questions and suggestions.

                All of the images I have worked with so far are located on my two internal hard drives. I just checked the delay on one versus the other: same for both drives.

                I'll see if I can dig out the info on any other software changes I might have made around the period in which the performance degraded.

                Based on some of the other forum topics I've seen, I'm a bit concerned that high level IT skills may be required to successfully use this software. I'm fairly tech-savvy but I want to spend my time with photo-processing software getting the job done rather than chasing down issues like these. What do you think? Should I be looking at other software?


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                  I'm never in the Database maitenance work manually. I wait for the inscription under the circle to become black and click on. You can delete the tumbles.


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                    Edvard: Thanks for that additional info. I see what you're referring to. It looks like the "Optimize Database..." button below the circle, via this path, is redundant with Tools | Database | Optimize Database.


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                      Originally posted by NoCoKestrel View Post
                      ... It looks like the "Optimize Database..." button below the circle, via this path, is redundant with Tools | Database | Optimize Database.
                      Yepp, it's because after extensive database maintenance it's good idea to optimize the db.

                      Just to narrow down to the culprit:
                      -Try switching to a brand new db (The db could be the offender).
                      -Try running AC from another user account (AC's settings in the registry could be guilty too, sometimes it's even a combination of db and registry).


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                        Emil: Thanks for those ideas for testing. I tried both . . .

                        1. Creating a new database on the same account as the original may have marginally helped. I haven't indexed all of the images that are in the original - maybe 2/3 of them? The transition from Manage to View takes about 15 sec (versus 20 in the original DB) and from View to Develop about 9 sec (vs 10 in the original). Better but still long lags.

                        2. I added a new account and ran the software from that; the speed-up was significant. After indexing about 1/2 the number of images that were in the original, the time from Manage to View is about 3 sec, View to Develop about 5 sec. Those delays are MUCH more acceptable for throughput.

                        Do those results provide clues as to where the problem lies? What does it mean for realistic next steps? Both those approaches mean I lose all the keywords I've assigned.

                        How often have you run into similar problems and needed to spend a bunch of time troubleshooting? Again, my goal with image processing software is processing images!

                        Have you found it worthwhile to submit issues like these to the ACDSee tech support staff?
                        Thanks for your help.


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                          PS Related to the first test in the previous post, do you normally keep separate DBs for different sets of images to help keep the program performance within an acceptable range? Seems like I'd lose a lot of the benefit of the software by doing so. My approach in these first few months of use was to keep everything in a single DB.


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                            Response times indeed are related to the number of catalogued items; we have roughly 250,000 items. However switching from manage-mode to view-mode or develop-mode shouldn't take more time than 2-3 seconds.

                            Answer times for searches are different. Years ago when we had 100,000 items it took 5 seconds (20,000 items/second). We currently have 250,000 items taking 25 seconds (10,000 items/second) before a small list of matches is found in quick search. This definitely is to long and I'm currently researching alternatives (again).

                            We've discussed splitting the db too, but in 80% of the cases we then would need to execute several searches: Out of the frying pan into the fire, aka nonsense :-)

                            Originally posted by NoCoKestrel View Post
                            ...the time from Manage to View is about 3 sec, View to Develop about 5 sec. Those delays are MUCH more acceptable for throughput.
                            This indeed is acceptable and I guess the culprit lies in your registry, whatever it may be.

                            As next step I would return to your original login id.

                            Then run regedit (if UCA asks, login with your user id and pwd) go to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software] and rename the whole "ACD Systems" path (e.g. "ACD Systems faulty").

                            Next start AC again. It will automatically recreate the registry as needed and load your old DB if its in the default folder. If not switch to your old db again.

                            This way you might lose some settings and templates but not the meta data of the files. To never ever lose AC meta data I suggest to embed all AC meta data periodically.

                            [fingers crossed]
                            Last edited by Emil; 03-13-2018, 02:25 PM.


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                              Emil: THANK YOU!! I followed the steps you outlined - yes a little nervous editing the registry - and performance is dramatically improved!! About 3 seconds from Manage to View and about 3 seconds from View to Develop. :-) The keywords are intact, phew.

                              A couple follow-ups:
                              (1) How often have you run into this type of problem with this software?
                              (2) Could you elaborate on embedding the metadata? And are there any downsides to doing so (e.g. with regard to using the images for other applications in the future)?
                              (3) Could you provide any more guidance on database maintenance - when it needs to be done, which options to choose?

                              I really appreciate your willingness to help me get past this problem. I'm still a novice with this software and trying to build my confidence that I madea good choice (as a long-time ThumbsPlus user who also tried out Lightroom before settling on ACDSee).