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Serious BUG --> Develop Tools Recurring Crash, Ultimate 2018 unusable!

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  • Serious BUG --> Develop Tools Recurring Crash, Ultimate 2018 unusable!

    The sliders Develop Tools - General keep crashing during edit sessions. See the attached image
    I had this same issue when I upgraded to Ultimate 10, but resetting Tools-Options-Restore to Defaults one time fixed that permanently.
    I "upgraded" to Ultimate 2018 a few days ago, and now this bug reoccurs seemingly at random. I can fix it by going into Tools-Options-Restore to Defaults. However I sometimes need to do it 2 or 3 times to fix the problem. Then while editing photos it can pop back into this error state seemingly at random whenever I enter Develop mode.
    This constant recurring crash is seriously interrupting my workflow,
    The change from Ultimate 10 to Ultimate 2018 seems like a serious downgrade, not an upgrade.
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    Do you have any idea on how to fix this issue???


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      Have you reported it to ACDSee support?


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        Hi divewizard,

        Sorry for the trouble this has caused. If you have not updated your program to the latest version, please have it updated. Please click Help | Check for updates in ACDSee to check and install the new update

        I also received your support ticket and replied. In the reply, I asked some question from the QA and development team to better understand the issue. In addition, I also provided the instructions to send us the crash reports in case this was indeed a crash.

        Thanks - James
        Customer Care


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          As I recall this has been reported by a number of users since Pro/Ulti v9.
          Imho instead of fixing it, they added a new menu item which is "View - Reset Layout".
          It deletes a number of layout settings in the registry and restarts AC. At restart AC will install default values again.

          Hope it helps.

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            I found a way to consistently reproduce this error. Just after starting ACDSee Ultimate (Pro) if the first time I open a photo in develop mode is from Manage, everything is fine, if the first time I open a photo in develop mode is from View the layout is hosed and it is unusable.

            One I open one photo from Manage mode, I can safely open subsequent photos from View mode.

            If a second occurrence of ACDSee Ultimate (Pro) opens I must also open the 1st photo in Develop mode from Manage, not View. If I open one from View, the develop layout of all open occurrences are hosed.
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              I have also discovered if I change my options then I must return to opening the 1st image from Manage mode or the develop mode becomes hosed again.

              This BUG has been a major issue in the last two versions when is it going to be fixed?????


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                Hi Diverwizard,

                I cannot reproduce the problem with the steps that you posted today. Going directly to the Edit mode from View mode or quickview mode does not product such distorted layout.

                Have you got chance to run the "Reset Layout" command last time Emil and I suggested ? You can find this command under the View menu in the manage mode: View | Reset Layout

                ACD Customer Care


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                  I had used Reset Layout, and the problem reoccurred with my older monitor set-up. However I recently replaced my old 1600x1200 CRT with a new 4K true color monitor and the problem stopped. My 2nd monitor is a 1680x1050. The issue seemed to be tied to the older combination of monitors I was using.


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                    I've got a two monitor setup too. One is a 1920x1200, the second is a 1200x1600 and I've never seen the issue described here on this setup. I've only seen it on a single monitor setup.