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Edit database (delete images) from Photos view

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  • Edit database (delete images) from Photos view

    whoo-boy ... I suspect I already know the answer but here goes:

    I've consolidated several hard drives (upgrading backup drives, etc) and have catalogued the results. When I go to Photos Mode, I find many versions of the same image where they have been scattered among various folders and drives. For example, I have one image here (out of many thousand total) that has 70 versions. (oops!). I'd like to keep maybe 4.

    Here they are all together where I can visualize them side by side - I would like to delete many of these without having to dig into each separate folder - i.e., edit the database (delete rather than move) from the Photos view. I don't see a way to do this but perhaps there's a method I'm not seeing so I'm asking the Wizards of Ultimate for any recommendations.

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    This should do the job. Tools > Database > Optimize Database > Remove orphans from database.


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      It would except these images are not orphans; they are legitimately in the database. The problem is that they are so scattered over many subfolders; it is difficult to remove them individually.


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        So they aren't orphans but dupes, Try "Tools - Find Duplicates...". Good luck!

        Or some other tool that compares images instead of files. (e.g. VisiPics)


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          This conforms my suspicion that the answer is "It can't be done from within Photos mode".

          The images are mostly "identical" but they are not duplicates in the sense of file comparison which is why I had hoped I could clean the database from Photos mode - all those images laid out so nicely together ... and I can't do anything with them
          Thanks for the recommendation of VisiPics though. I'l look into that.

          Perhaps the ability to at least delete images from within Photos mode could be an added capability in new releases ...