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  • Develop vs View Colors

    I'm scratching my head to try to find out why I'm getting different colour rendition between View and Develop modes. I had thought that view mode would be using the same settings as develop mode. Indeed the attached two images (screenshots) shows the difference in colour rendition even though only default settings were being used. Can anyone tell me which is the correct display of the raw image at default settings and how do I make them the same? Click image for larger version

Name:	ACDSee_Develop Mode.jpg
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ID:	46151 Click image for larger version

Name:	ACDSee_View Mode.jpg
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ID:	46152

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    You're dehaze value just is set to "5". Nevertheless your issue could be related to this.


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      Emil, very many thanks for that. You are exactly correct, it's the dehaze causing the problem. Once I had that set to zero view and develop mode are exactly the same. Thats a bit of a problem because I like the dehaze tool a lot. From the other thread it looks as if ACDSee developers are aware of the problem. Do you think I should add an additional report for them?


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        As an addendum.... I've setup a preset of DeHaze 0 and then applied it to 10 raw shots. This was done in the manage mode by selecting the ten images and right clicking to select the DeHaze 0 preset. The thumbnails didn't change and nor did viewing the image in view mode. However, if I select each image individually and develop it in develop mode then all is as expected. Please ignore my question, about reporting to support, as I'm going to report this anyway.


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          According to the release notes, this issue was addressed with the latest bug-fix ( "Fixed inconsistent preview and resulting issue in Dehaze in Edit mode. "

          However, I've just tested Dehaze in both Edit and Develop mode following the update and the issue apparently has NOT been resolved.

          How dissapointing !

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Clipboard01.jpg
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          Click image for larger version

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