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Missing Metadata and Thumbnails

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  • Charwend
    started a topic Missing Metadata and Thumbnails

    Missing Metadata and Thumbnails

    I am using ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018.
    Have just up dated the metadata in one directory on all photos. When I open the program all the photos in that directory are there but no preview of them (Manage) until I click on one and then go to (view). this brings back the view of some of the photo in (Manage). Only the ones that were displayed in (view)’s film strip down the bottom are back. It seems to be only in this one directory. The Metadata is also missing in ACDSee. If I check the photo metadata outside of ACDSee the Metadata is there. Just not in ACDSee It is only the IPTC data. EXIF data is still there. Seems the program will not look at the photo metadata when I open the program. I have tried Database “maintenance”, “Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata”. I have made sure Windows is up to date and the program is up to date. Not sure what else.
    I could remove all the photos delete the folder and try restoring the photos back to a new directory? I have also noticed that with this version and the previous versions that the program crashes when you try and move photos around. Is there something I can do about it? Using Windows 10 Pro, Build 16299.334 Ver 1709. Keep hoping each version will fix the problem.
    I am not an expert with this so was hoping some one might have an answer. Thanks Charlie
    this is what it looks like only this directory all others seem fine.

  • James W-
    Hi Charwend,

    If you have not tried yet the database optimization, please try the following :

    Click Tools | Database | Optimize Database.
    Click Next.
    Put a check in both boxes then click Next again twice.
    Click Finish.

    Test if the issue has been resolved.

    In addition, please check if those files might be quarantined by ACDSee.

    Click Tools | Database | Quarantine files
    Remove those files from the list or turn off "Enable Quarantine" option temporarily

    Close and restart ACDSee and if the thumbnails do not appear, try again "Tools | Metadata | Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata".

    If the issue remains, we would like to have 2 or 3 sample images to look into issue. I also replied to your email, so you can send those files directly when you reply to my email.

    ACD Customer Care

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