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  • Backing up export settings etc

    Hi there, the couple of years ago I asked about this but now I look at it I see there are no responses. I'm sure someone replied and told me that I should backup some of the registry but now I can't remember which part. I guess maybe I was responded to somewhere else or else somehow the response has been deleted from here. Can anyone help me find a way to backup everything from ultimate 2018 such as export settings and actions and so on? It's a shame that ACDSee hasn't incorporated a way back this stuff up yet. Backing up workspaces would be great as well!

    I'm pasting what I wrote last time below in case that helps.

    Thanks for any help you can offer


    "Hi there, I have a question. I have set up a whole bunch of quick keyword collections, category collections et cetera. I have noticed in the past that when I reinstall Windows I have to start all over again. I wish that there were away for me to back this stuff up. I know that ACDSee does not include such a thing but I wonder if anyone has the technical knowledge to know if there are some files somewhere that I could copy and backup before reinstalling Windows and then simply placed back into the folder that would bring all this back? That stuff must be stored somewhere, right?

    Thanks a lot to anyone who can offer me any suggestions on this.


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    Some settings like meta data presets (BatchSetMetadata) and label presets are nowadays read from older versions at first start up of the new version.

    Others, like meta data views or export presets are not and you may want to export them from the registry and reimport for newer versions.

    First open a cmd window and make a backup of your registry for all installed ACD Systems apps:
    reg export "HKCU\Software\ACD Systems" ACDSystems.reg
    Next , if your old version is Ultimate v10 type:
    reg export "HKCU\Software\ACD Systems\ACDSee Ultimate\100\PropertiesPane\Metadata\Views" views.reg
    reg export "HKCU\Software\ACD Systems\ACDSee Ultimate\100\Export" export.reg
    This will create two new files named views.reg and export.reg. If your old version is older then v10 or not Ultimate, replace "ACDSee Ultimate" and/or "100" with strings that belong to your old version. E.g "ACDSee Pro" for Pro versions or "90" for v9 versions.

    Now use a text editor (e.g. notepad) to edit these two files and replace all strings "ACDSee Ultimate\100" with the string for your new version. (For "Studio 2018" versions the version number is "110".)

    After saving the these files you can import them with a double click on the reg files. At next start up of your new AC you should find the presets.

    Important: It's totally unclear to me why these presets do not go in to a new version automatically. So be careful and test them.

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      Thanks so much, Emil. That worked absolutely perfectly. I don't know why they don't make that happen automatically either. Anyway, thanks again!