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How do I remove a border on an image in ACDSee Ultimate?

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  • How do I remove a border on an image in ACDSee Ultimate?

    I am working with a file in ACDSee Ultimate where there is a border around the entire image/file. I want to remove and replace it. The image is basically a text box with three lines on a transparent background.

    I have gone to Edit/Borders and set the size to zero, but there is still a border around the image or frame. I cannot figure out what is creating that or how to delete it.

    I'm almost to the point of trying to recreate the entire thing but I would rather learn something.

    If this is a simple Newbie issue, I apologize to the experts and ask for help and directions that a newbie can understand.


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    Hi Carl - My first reaction is, if you have an unwanted border, use the Crop Tool and cut it off the image. However, since I don't really understand how you created your problem in the first place, this might not be the best solution. Can you fill in some of the missing details? Or, maybe even supply a screen-shot?

    If the entire background is transparent, then what color is this unwanted border? How did you create this image in the first place? What is the file format? Are you using layers? Is your unwanted border around the entire image, or just the text area? Etc. Etc. Etc.
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      I created the image from scratch -- it is not a border around a previously-existing image.

      The image background is transparent, but the image contains three lines of text (basically a copyright statement including my name and the year).

      I do not remember how I created the border in a way that turning off the border tool does not remove it. At the time I created it, I was very new to ACDSee. I think that I did it using the Borders tool since I know no other way of doing it.

      I am using the Edit mode and using Layers.

      Attached is a screenshot of when I am editing the file. The file format is .acdc
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        Okay, the image really helps. I see three different "borders" -- a blue picture frame, a blank black area, and a thin red line. If this is all unwanted data, then using the Eraser Tool will allow you to make the outer edges transparent, just like your background. You can erase all the unwanted data while preserving the original image size. OR, you can use the Crop Tool and accomplish the same thing. But cropping will reduce the image size.