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making a collage in edit mode rulers and grid.

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  • making a collage in edit mode rulers and grid.


    I would like to make a photo collage with 5 photos on one image.

    Lately I saw on the acdsee website a tutorial of making a photo collage in edit mode. Since the new community webpages/ facebook page this video is gone I guess, Unfortunately I can't find it anymore.

    1. I remember that there were rulers and grids in the video and that the instructor taught you how you can devide your photos including borders very neat. Strange enough I can't find such rulers anymore in ultimate 2018. Where are they hidden? (Or perhaps I viewed a very old video where this option was still available)

    2. Any suggestion on how to proceed? I have searched this forum and saw old posts on making collages but since then, many new releases of ultimate were launched and perhaps there is an update on this matter or maybe someone can retrieve the video?

    Thanks for any reply.


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    Anyone that can give me a hint?



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      Have you searched the YouTube channel? There was a very long (over an hour) intro on the Edit mode, which may have included a collage, can't be sure.

      My own quick experiment shows that I can drag extra images into the layer area in edit mode where it becomes a new layer and then move, resize and even rotate each one individually. I don't see a way to give each one a border, though, that seem to apply to only the complete image.

      Hope that helps a bit. (I do what you describe using Adobe InDesign, which makes it very easy.)



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        I've never seen rulers before but would be interested to know if there's a way to bring them up. Any work I've done with specific dimensions for borders or collages I've always gone into Affinity Photo for that exact reason.


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          Thank you all for replying.

          Affinity Photo does the job quick and easy. I will search the web one more time for the ACDSee video but I thought it was on the Facebook pages when they were giving this explanation on how to make a collage with a background.



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            greyguru, could you not save each Photo with its own Border before adding to the Collage.


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              I made a collage in ACD. Individual photos can be moved, transformed, rotated, enlarged or reduced. Since photos in the forum can not be uploaded, I uploaded it to Flicker. Here's the link: