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Slow to show crop selection.

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  • Slow to show crop selection.

    I've used all the updated ACDsee photo editing software from very early on.
    This product whilst it as excellent features is some what slow in a couple of ways.
    1st. when editing and I select Crop it is very slow to show the crop selection area on the image.
    2nd if I move the selection area about on the image then click to select that area it does crop it but until I select fill screen it remains the size of the selected area.
    Something it doesn't do if I just leave the selected area without moving it on the image.
    It's not lack of memory as my laptop has as plenty.
    Anyone got any ideas why it may be slow and better still how to improve the speed.

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    Can you confirm if you are using Ultimate 2018 (Ultimate version 11) or an earlier version of Ultimate ? According to your acdID account, it appears that you are using Ultimate 8.

    Please also let us know the following to help us understand the problem:

    1) Does this occur in Edit mode or in Develop mode or maybe both ?
    2) What is the type of the image, e.g. RAW, JPG or Tiff ? And does this issue happen with all type of image files, or only certain types of file ?
    3) What is the Windows operation system, e.g is Windows 10, or Windows 8 or 7? How many RAM do you have in your system and what is the model of your graphic card

    I will also send you a support email to your email account to create a ticket in our support ticket for follow-up.

    ACD Customer care