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  • Crash in Develop mode

    For a week or so now I have been unable to use develop mode - my PC crashes instantly either as I enter develop mode or after moving one or two sliders. Using a monitoring utility I can see that my GPU hardly responds before the crash happens. Unfortunately Windows event viewer is of no help as the error is not caught - I just get code 41 critical error codes.If I overclock my GPU the crash can be delayed, sometimes, by a few more adjustment commands. FWIW my video NLE, Power Director, runs without problem, and I can edit all day long using Affinity Photo. My GPU is a GeForce GTX660. The drivers are all up to date. I tried swapping out the GPU for an ASUS 7770 I had in the cupboard, same result. Is anyone else having issues?

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    Hi Hinfrance

    Sorry for the trouble this has caused. To help us understand the problem, please let us know

    1) Where did the problem start ? Is there any significant windows updates, crashes in windows or in ACDSee prior to the start of this problem ?
    2) Does this issue also happen to edit mode and view mode ? In addition, does this problem only occur to certain images or all the images ? If this issue only happens to certain images, please send us one or two examples

    In the meantime, please run the database optimization and see if the issue can be addressed. In addition, please go to Tools | Options | Edit mode and change to a different graphic card if there is one available.

    I also created a support ticket and sent it to your aol email account to follow up this case. So you can reply to that email with the sample files and crash reports.

    James - Customer Care team


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      James, I have sent you an email with all the details I can muster, but I am now sure that the issue is not related to any problems with ACDSee, but rather with a failure in my PC, probably hardware related, although not the GPU. I am now getting identical sudden shutdowns with other photo and video editing apps. As the machine is more than 6 years old I have decided to build myself a new one.