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Exporting photo uses all the presets I have saved.

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  • Exporting photo uses all the presets I have saved.

    When I export photos I have 3 different export presets saved for putting files in different locations, etc. When I choose one of the presets to export, the dialog says "Applying export preset 1" then it says "Applying export preset 2" and finally "Applying export preset 3" and I have files in 3 different locations. I'm fairly certain this is not the intended outcome, and I don't see any settings to choose to run only one or all of my export presets. Is there something I'm missing? Or is this a bug?


    (I'm running Ultimate 2018 on windows 10 pro.)

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    Sorry if I am stating the obvious but have you only ticked the check box next to the preset you want to use?
    If they are all ticked then all three will be used.


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      DCC, thank you. The obvious needed to be stated -- I had all the exports ticked!