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Threshold Adjustment Layer

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  • Threshold Adjustment Layer

    Can someone explain to me what this layer can be used for. The Help file tells me how to access it but not what I can do with it. I have searched this forum but found no reference.
    I have searched photoshop sites on line and found nothing helpful.
    Turning dark tones black and lighter tones white implies a use in masking but I cannot figure out how to use it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    The most likely use of this adjustment layer would be as a tool to assess image contrast. With the threshold adjustment layer you need to first set threshold (0-100%) which equates to the brightness level of the pixel. So all pixels brighter than that brightness will become white, and every darker pixel will become black. If you add a levels or curves adjustment below the threshold layer, you could then set it to assess for black or white point by making changes to curves/level. The threshold would basically give you a visual representation of the changes so you can maximize contrast without blowing out highlights or crushing shadows to the point of losing detail. This could be helpful with printing, though I've never actually used it this way.