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Ultimate 2018 no longer starting - help!

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  • Ultimate 2018 no longer starting - help!

    Hi experts,

    for some reason, ACDSee will no longer start from my main user profile. Other user profiles on the same PC seem fine - meaning ACDSee will start normally. Also my main profile seems to be ok, except for ACDSee. The program will try to start but the the starting splash screen remains a blank white window and I can only kill the software in the task manager. I've tried renamining the DB folder. The system then creates a new DB, but the program still won't start.

    Any suggestions - apart from creating a new Windows user profile?


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    Sorry - instead of splash screen, I should have said "Quick Start Guide".


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      Hi RH71,

      Please try to start ACDSee Quickview first and then proceed to the view mode and then manage mode. Right-click an image file (e.g. JPG) in Windows Explorer, and choose to open with Ultimate 2018. This image will be opened in ACDSee QuickView. Click the 'View' button located on the top right of the ACDSee Quickview toolbar to launch the view mode. Once the full view mode is started, click Manage and check if the manage mode can be started.

      If the issues remains, and if you have not yet uninstall and reinstall Ultimate 2018, please uninstall it and then reinstall it. After re-installation, right-click the program shortcut and choose to run as admin and see if the program will launch.

      I will also send you an email to your account to follow up this case.

      ACD Customer Care


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        Hi James,

        The Quickview approach seems to have done the trick. Thanks.