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    Does anybody out there know whether it is possible to do a search on keywords or categories i.e. A B -C -D, and restrict it to the current (displayed) files? I've tried the quick search, which scans the whole collection, and the search pane, which doesn't appear to allow a keyword or category to be excluded . The same seems to be true for selective browsing. (These panes seem to be unnecessarily complicated and too restrictive.) I'd like to be able to do the above search on the displayed files using quick search...

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    In the Search Pane, searches can be restricted to specific locations and keywords/categories. So if you wanted to restrict it to the currently displayed files, you would just set it to the location of where those files are located. And while it doesn't appear there is an option to exclude a keyword or category, you could add in all the terms you want to search for except for that particular keyword/category.

    Another option is if using quick search there are search operators that allow you to refine or expand your searches. This seems to be what you're trying to do, but the only downside is that quick search reviews the entire database.

    From the manual:

    Operator: -
    Result: Searches for all items containing the first search term, and then displays only those items that don't also contain the second search term
    Example: Cat -Dog (Returns all items that contain cat except those that also contain dog. Be sure to insert a space before the minus sign. If you do not insert a space, ACDSee will you are searching for a hyphenated word)


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      Thanks for that, bmcnich. The search panel is quite useless. It allows only one keyword to be searched, or a list of 'OR' keywords. As far as I can see, it is exactly the same as using the 'easy select' buttons. The only way to do what I want is by the quick-search button, which entails many steps; for example in my example above, unless I know in advance that pictures of A together with B also contain C, D, E..., I must call up A B, then look through the results and call up A B -C, then again with A B -C -D, etc. Very tedious. What with that, and the lack of versions and/or stacking, I think it might be time for a change. (I know you're going to say that snapshots are similar to versions, except that I do all my processing in Photoshop. What I'd like is a display of the edited picture with the original underneath, either as a version or stack - guess I'm just dreaming while ACDSee continue to bring us such wonders as Photo mode and Dashboard mode... Probably of use to somebody, somewhere!)