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Short form of Camera name available in rename templates

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  • Short form of Camera name available in rename templates

    My image name template is <datetime original> "camera name" ###, which pretty much guarantees that even if I copy images from several cameras into a folder, I won't get duplicates. (I''ve just realised that this implies I never have two of the same camera, but that's never been a problem!). At present, I have several saved templates, and I choose one depending on the camera I'm uploading from. I specifically did not use the <Camera Info: Model> meta data because it makes the filename too long, so I have the camera model hard coded in each template.

    So here's my question: Since the 2018 version, when I connect a camera to upload images, a dialog box opens to ask me to choose which device to upload from (always from a list of one, but never mind) in which it has a nice short description of the camera, like "D500". If that short form was available as meta data, I could use a single template, and more importantly, not have to spend twenty minutes recreating all of my templates each time I buy a new version of ACDSee. Is there some place this information is hiding, or could it be made available, even if I had to provide a lookup table to translate from the long form to a short form? Maybe in a future release?

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a snapshot from a batch rename illustrating the longer text that results - I want P7100, D800, ASUS, D500 etc.


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    <Camera Info:Model> is a precise copy of the meta data found in the EXIF. Strings like "P7100" or "D800" are not fully qualifying and can not be found in the EXIF.

    If it's always the same part of the string you want to omit, then try the "Search and Replace" option. If you need something more flexible try exiftool.

    BTW. Why do you need copies of the EXIF meta data in the file name? We've got over 5000,000 photos is stock and are fine with a six character name that represents "Date/Time taken". In 15 Years we had just 5 collisions and always solved it with adding one second to the date.
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      Thanks for the fast response. I didn't really think it would be in the existing meta data, but I was hopeful. As to why, I could reply with a long justification based on the fact that when I export to other applications or locations, the metadata does not always follow, but the truth is probably closer to "I made up this convention in 2004 and have been using it ever since." It does come in handy when I'm in another application (such as web site development) that doesn't have the tools on hand to expose the meta data, or if I give away copies of images, and then someone asks for for something which involves finding the original, then I don't have to walk them through finding the original date.

      But yes, I can see that what I'm after is probably quite unique to my own workflow.