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Longtime uncorrected bug: Lens data dissappers in EXIF when I save my RAW files

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  • Longtime uncorrected bug: Lens data dissappers in EXIF when I save my RAW files

    I have multiple cameras, Olympus (ORF), Nikon (NEF), iPhone (DNG) and whenever I save a raw file the lens data disappears from the EXIF data. This is a longtime bug. When will this be corrected?
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    divewizard - I've never seen this bug. Just a guess, but is it possible that you have a wrong setting that's causing this issue? There is a checkbox to Preserve Metadata in both of the two most common file convert functions -- Export, and Batch File Convert. Do you have both of these checkboxes checked on?

    If you are still losing metadata with these boxes checked on, then you should refer this to ACD Tech Support at this link.


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      Yes I have then boxes checked, and always have. The lens information still vanishes on any RAW file I save as a JPG. The other EXIF information is preserved, but the lens information vanishes.
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        When you see the example above you can also see that the White Balance Details & Flash Bias have also vanished. Why do you remove these EXIF values?

        The example above is from a Nikon D750
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          In case it helps, I confirmed the issue identified by divewizard using Batch > Batch Develop > JPG
          I would only add, it is the information is missing in the resultant JPG. The original NEF file (at least in my case) seems untouched.


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            This issue is very old indeed. AFAIR it's been discussed in one of the old forums many years ago. I also find it in an old installation of AC Pro 5 and I've learned to take it as a feature :-) It not only applies for JPG but at least also for TIFF and PNG.

            This at least applies to Nikon and Pentax raws, but not to Canon, Sony and Olympus.
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              I cannot reproduce the issue as described with my ORF input files - the "Lens" field from EXIF metadata is exported to the target file.

              However, what I noticed is that a lot of other EXIF information is not coming along when ACDSee creates an XMP sidecar. The original ORF contains the following information about the Lens:

              Lens Type: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm F2.8 Pro
              Lens Serial Number: <S/N>
              Lens Firmware Version: 1.301
              Lens Properties: 0xc140
              Lens Info: 12-40mm f/2.8
              Lens Model: OLYMPUS M.12-40mm F2.8
              Lens ID: Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm F2.8 Pro

              Once ACDSee writes an XMP file, this information is "lost" (of course it is not removed from the ORF). The only information that is transfered to the XMP (and also to an exported JPEG) is:

              Lens: OLYMPUS M.12-40mm F2.8

              This is quite annoying when I have other tools later in my workflow that read XMP files, but rely on correct lense information.

              I have opened up an issue with support, but I think this might be related to the original issue in this thread and therefore is long-standing.


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                There is no good reason for discarding this EXIF data. I agree it is extremely annoying. Even more annoying is that it does not allow you to edit it. I often shoot with film and have it scanned. It would ve very desirable to enter my lens data into the EXIF. It lets me do the camera, but not the lens.