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Onedrive for backup? AllwaySync for cloud? Your method for archiving media?

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  • Onedrive for backup? AllwaySync for cloud? Your method for archiving media?

    Hey all - just looking for some input on best way to back up photos and videos to the cloud.

    I use a 4TB portable HD as my main storage for photos and videos (basically 2TB worth), and I was backing up to my 2TB home NAS, but my NAS is now out of space. So I need to do something for backup. After a recent computer crash, I'm convinced that cloud is the way to go. When looking at cloud servers, Microsoft Onedrive seemed to have the best value per TB (5 x 1 TB accounts).

    Previously, I had backed up to Google Photo (for videos, mainly), and RAW files to Amazon (I have prime). Both of these are free options (I would have Amazon prime anyway), but I have only used these services manually - not automated backup.

    With Onedrive, I was hoping to have an automated solution for backup, but I'm not sure this is possible, and I'm not sure how to set it up.

    I have a Windows 8.1 laptop with a 512GB SSD, and I attach the portable HD by USB whenever I want to import/edit photos and video.

    With Onedrive, I have a 'main' account that syncs automatically with my laptop SSD for things like documents, etc. I have a 2nd (and eventually 3rd and 4th) account that I can use for photos/videos by creating a folder, then sharing that folder to the 'main' account.

    I've done this already. Now the challenge -
    How do I automatically backup the photos/videos from my portable hard drive to Onedrive? Using windows 8.1 Onedrive is apparently different than Windows 10 Onedrive - on Win10 you can at least select certain folders to sync. With windows 8.1, I believe everything is synced on the local hardrive in a folder called onedrive. It does not appear to sync with shared folders. (Even if it did sync with shared onedrive folders, my laptop SSD isn't large enough to hold all the pics/vids).

    I have a program called AllwaySync that I bought years ago, and just now discovered it can sync to multiple cloud services (Including Google, Amazon, and Onedrive among others), but I have not tried this. Anyone have experience using this for clouds?

    As for location of cloud, I like the idea of having pics and vids in 1 location (like onedrive). Also, google is nice but does have limits on picture size and video size/resolution so it is not good for archiving (and they have rights to your stuff, if that matters). Amazon is fine for photos (including Raw), but not so much for videos.

    Anyone have thoughts on this? Can you share your method for archiving?