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Distortion correction in ACDSee - new feature?

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  • Distortion correction in ACDSee - new feature?

    Unfortunately my new lens, the Panasonic Leica 8-18 F2.8-4 is not in the Lensfun database and so doesn't appear in the dropdown box to select for distortion correction in ACDSee :-(

    The lens is great but does have a lot of distortion at 8mm and it needs to be corrected
    In the DPR forum I learned that the info needed to correct that distortion is already inside the firmware of my lens and it is passed to the camera.

    The camera (OMD E-M1 Mk ii) then uses this info to correct the geometry directly in the JPG and also adds the same info to the RAW file
    here's the link

    Other raw decoders,like DXO Photolab, can use this info to correct the geometry of the RAW image.

    So my question is why can't ACDSee do the same thing and take this info from the RAW file and use it to make the distortion correction?
    If it did this we wouldn't have to wait ages for updates of the lensfun database.

    Is it somehow already possible in ACDSee , did I perhaps miss it?
    if it's not, possible yet, can this be added as a feature in the next version?

    This geometry info is in many other micro four thirds lenses /raw files

    Other more knowleagable persons can perhaps fill in the details

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    Are there perhaps other users here that buy new lenses and then are disappointed to find that they are not included in the lensfun database. And so geometry distortions can't be easily automatically corrected.?

    The method as described in my original post would solve that problem for a whole class of lenses. That method is already used successfully to correct distortion in other Raw developer software like DXO Photolab to name but one.

    If any ACDSee people are viewing this, can it be considered as a new feature in the next version?