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Ultimate 2018 and Parallels VM

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  • Ultimate 2018 and Parallels VM

    I use a MAC and while I own ACDSee's Photo Studio 4 (the MAC version of Ultimate 2018, minus much of the functionality) I have never really been happy with it, feeling that the MAC version was a pale imitation of the real software. To remedy that I decided to download and install Ultimate 2018 on my Parallels VM, which runs Windows 10.

    For some reason Ultimate 2018 will not actually run on my VM. It starts, I get the "wait a minute while I do some work" spinning cursor, and then I get a completely frozen and unresponsive application. I can do nothing with it. No buttons or icons work at all. I can not resize the window, I can not shut down the app, I can not open, close and edit anything and the only thing I can do is terminate it using the Ctrl-Alt-Delete. That makes me wonder if the problem is something on my machine or if there is an issue running Ultimate 2018 under a Parallels VM.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it makes no difference. Is anyone running Ultimate 2018 under a Parallels VM successfully? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Mikson,

    Our QA has tested Ultimate 2018 in Windows 10 under Parallel Desktop 13 on MacOS 10.13, but cannot reproduce the issues you observed

    I find your email address in our support system, so I will create a support ticket and send you an email to follow up this case in more details.

    ACD Customer Care