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Using lens correction in Geometry

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  • Using lens correction in Geometry

    Is there some way for the program to recognize my several lens and apply the correction to whichever one I have used. I don't see the benefit of having a default lens which has to be adjusted each time. Am I missing something? Many thanks.

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    Hi Dave - Yes, there is an "auto lens correction" ability in Develop Mode. However, it is set off as the default. You have to do a one-time setup of your particular lenses. Then, you can select which ones you want to be automatically applied.

    To get started, using a sample image with one of your lenses, enter Develop Mode, then go to the Geometry tab. Click on the button named "Map Default" to setup your lens. You will have to repeat these steps with a sample image using each of your different lenses. There will be a checkbox for each lens you setup called "auto apply this mapped profile when entering Develop Mode". That's it.

    At any time, you can click the other button named "Manage Defaults" to see all of your mapped lenses in a list. There you can also turn on/off the automatic feature for each lens individually. Post back if you need any more info.
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