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not starting face recognition

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  • not starting face recognition

    I've got the following situation:
    • running Ultimate 2019
    • successfully converted database from Ultimate 2018
    • I select an existing folder in Manage mode
    • ADCSee starts scanning the files (xx% counter in the bottom right hand corner)
    • and when reaching 100% it starts over ... endlessly
    • I've already see Ultimate 2018 doing this but I ignored it as it didn0t really disturb
    • in Ultimate 2019 this is becoming an issue as consequently it never starts face recognition in that folder
    I have found out that the endless scanning only takes place if there is a [Originals] or [Developed] folder visible.

    Not sure whether it is normal but in my case these folders are always visible.

    When I hide all folders (View --> Filter By --> Advanced Filters --> Apply filtering criteria --> Show folders OFF) then there is a single scan followed by face recognition. Also if I rename the [Originals] folder to [Original1] in Windows explorer everything is fine, same for folders where not pictures have been developed or edited yet and the [Originals] folder does not yet exist.

    Does anyone have the same issue or can reproduce it?

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    This behaviour exists since many years (at least Pro v8), but this 'nit-piking' doesn't run forever, it finishes after some time and AC switches the two folders invisible again.


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      I've never seen it ending .... I'm wondering why they are visible in the first place


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        I had this problem with the recent face detection feature. My fix has been to turn-off face detection. I may be a special case as even if there was not this issue as I never plan on using face detection.

        Sorry, I can't be of greater help.


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          Hi fonebone,

          I've tried to reproduce this issue but haven't had any success so far. I'd like to get some more information about your setup, if that's alright.
          • What OS are you running?
          • What are your settings, in Windows Explorer and ACDSee, for showing hidden files and folders?
          • Does the issue occur in every folder with a [Originals] and/or [Developed] subfolder, or just in certain cases?
            • Does the issue occur only in folders in specific drives or locations? E.g. removable or network drives?
          • Are your [Originals] and [Developed] folders marked with a red cross? See screenshot.
          • Does the scanning loop endlessly if you stay in a single folder, or do you switch folders, go back, and see it restart?
          • When did you start using ACDSee? Have you been converting your database each year since then?
          • If you create a new database, does the issue still occur?
            • If it doesn't, does it reoccur if you then import your old database into the new one?
          Tristan H.
          ACD Systems


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            lots of questions ....
            • I'm running Windows 10 1803
            • Windows Explorer is set to show hidden files
            • ACDSee is set to "show all files" in View --> Filter By --> Advanced Filters and "Show hidden files and folders" is OFF
            • both folders show with a red "cross" just like in your screenshot
            • the issue occurs every time I go to a folder that has a [Originals] or [Developed] folder visible
            • the scanning happens endlessly when I stay in a folder
            • I've been using ACDSee since Pro2, always converting the database when upgrading
            • When I create a new DB then these folders are at first shown without a red cross, after a first scan the cross appears .... and also the issue reappears, i.e. it is endlessly scanning
            • I've recorded a small video showing the issue:


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              Hi fonebone,

              Thanks for answering everything! I know it was a lot of questions.

              I am still not able to reproduce the issue. I recommend that you contact Customer Support, as they can help you troubleshoot more efficiently.

              While you're in the process of solving this, I do at least have a couple of workarounds that should allow you to use Face Detection:
              • Although the rescanning is blocking Face Detection from running, the images should still be in the face detection queue. If you browse the folders you want it to run on, then go to a folder without [Originals] or [Developed] folders, Face Detection should run on all the queued images, including those in folders with this issue.
              • You can also select images that you want to run Face Detection on, and use Tools > Redetect Faces to run Face Detection. This process occurs in the foreground, so it should bypass the scanning issue.
              Running Face Detection in View mode should also work normally. For best results with Facial Recognition, we recommend that you name several faces of each person you want recognized before allowing Face Detection to run on a larger set of images.

              Tristan H.
              ACD Systems


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                thanks for trying to reproduce it ... I'll contact support

                Your second proposal is actually addressing another weakness which is that while detecting faces there is no information about progress (e.g. in the bottom right hand corner), i.e. one gets no clue how far the process has progressed.