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Ultimate 2019 shuts down completely when it detects unsupported raw files

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  • Ultimate 2019 shuts down completely when it detects unsupported raw files

    I have a folder with downloaded Fujifilm raw files, some of which are compressed, hence not supported by ACDSee 2019. instead of just ignoring the unsupported files or at least showing an error pop-up window, Ultimate 2019 just shuts down, leaving me to wonder, what has happened. It took me a lot of time to figure out the reason for this behavior. I would expect to be told in manage mode that these files are not supported and cannot be opened in "develop" or "edit", maybe instead of thumbnails ACDSee could show a generic icon "unsupported file". i am not aware that this bug existed in version 2018, but I guess not, since that folder with the Fujifilm raws was on my HD long before i upgraded to v 2019.

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    Hi Pefunk,

    I tried to reproduce your issue with Fuji compressed raw files but did not experience any unexpected application shut down. I have a few questions to be able to figure out what's causing this issue.
    1. What Fuji camera raw files did you use? Were they in an archive or compressed zip folder?
    2. Are you experiencing the same issue even with a single image from the same camera in a completely new folder?
    3. If your answer to question 2 is No, please launch the application and stay in Manage mode. Click on Filter -> Advanced Filters -> Apply filtering criteria -> Uncheck archive files. Now go to the original folder where you experienced the problem and see if the problem persists.

    I have attached a screenshot for reference.

    ACD Systems


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      hi Ajay,

      the offending folder was a "test folder" because I was evaluating the X-H1 before deciding if I should get one. I downloaded the files from DPReview. They were just normal .raf files in a normal folder (no archive, no zip folder). The folder contained uncompressed .raf's from X-T2 and X-H1 and a few tiffs (with layers) from experimenting in Photoshop. In my attempt to re-vitalise ACDSee 2019 I deleted all files that were not uncompressed raf's, so there is no going back (they were not my files anyway).

      So, I downloaded some compressed raf's from DPReview once more and put them into a virgin folder, played with one of them in Photoshop (2 layers), and saved it to the same folder. When I now open that folder in manage mode all files are shown as I expected them; the unsupported files as white rectangles, the tiff as thumbnail (see screenshot). I am afraid, I can't follow your third suggestion, as I had already unchecked everything but image files and folders before I even opened my first folder in Ultimate 2019.

      It seems my problem was only a temporary glitch. Maybe the program was to busy building its first database in the backgound or converting the 2018 database.

      Thank you for your quick reply.
      Peter Funken
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