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U19 Hiccups - Just Somethng I've Noticed

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  • U19 Hiccups - Just Somethng I've Noticed

    I've noticed ACDSee Ultimate doesn't seem to play well with other programs. I first noticed this in U18, but U19 has crashed my box several times per week since I activated it. Granted it's an antique box - W7, i7 - but that shouldn't excuse its behaviour. Unfortunately, I've not been able to pinpoint which program it doesn't play nice with but Thunderbird seems at least one likely culprit.

    I have no problems with the box when ADCSee isn't running - I can leave it on for days between intentional re-boots. However, when ACDSee is running, the box will shut itself down - sometimes a couple times per day. I appreciate this refreshening of the system, but I'd really prefer to re-boot the box myself - or at least get some notice that a hiccup's building up so I can save on-going work and provide an orderly shutdown of the system.